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This is Lootr, a warframe app that find the best place to farm any mission reward in the game by looking through the Official Droptables published by Digital Extremes. Use the searchbar to add an item that you want to get and Lootr will sort the list of missions based on the drop chance for that item. The drop chance displayed is the "average drop chance per reward" in the mission.

Tip: Use a quotation mark (") before a search to only look for items that start with that search. Use a quotation mark at the end to only look for items that end with that search. Search without quotation marks if you want to find any item that contains the letters you searched for. E.g if you search for bite you will see results for Bite and Frostbite but if you search for "Bite" you will only get results for Bite.

DISCLAIMER: Lootr only works for items that DE has published a drop chance for. Some items, like resource drops, are not included in the webapp. To see which items are included, start typing an item and see if it appears as a suggestion.

Try relic, ivara, axi or condition overload.

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